Undergraduate Research Projects

Here is a sublist of our past and ongoing projects which are particularly well suited for undergraduate student participation. Please note however that in general all projects are open to all students.

Human-Computer Interaction

Means of evaluating effectiveness of university web page as a user interface to information.

Biological Systems Modeling

We want to extend the results of sphere packing in crystals to the setting where how many spheres of certain radius that can be contained in the unit sphere are known.

Modeling Wireless Medical Device Networks

Developed models can be part of an effective Verification and Validation process for the wireless medical device network to ensure patient safety and also to facilitate the necessary clinical outcomes.

Science and Theatre Magic Program

The ultimate objective is to nurture the cognitive capacities which are essential to the successful pursuit of careers in science: critical judgment, intellectual curiosity, creativity, determination, and discipline.

Applied Computing Technology Lab

The Applied Computing Technology Laboratory at Villanova University is a virtual laboratory, an idea factory, dedicated to the discovery of new uses of computer technology in all areas of the human experience.

Ensemble -- Enriching Communities and Collections to support Education in Computing

This project is part of the NSF National STEM Digital Library (NSDL.org) It is a collaborative project involving many partners. The main participants are Villanova (project lead), Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, and Portland State. Other partners include Drexel, Pitt, Berkeley, the Computer Science Teachers Association, CSAB, and others. More info ...

Computing Sciences Department Web Team

This team is responsible for the daily upkeep of the Computing Sciences Department website.