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— Brian Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie

Monday, March 02, 2015

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The Villanova Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) was featured WHYY’s The Pulse. Professor Frank Klassner and Freshman Computer Science major Charles Walberg were both interviewed by WHYY's The Pulse to explore the CAVE's potential as a classroom facility. Villanova's CAVE comes courtesy of a $1.67 million National Science Foundation grant, which covers the cost of the unit, along with a $15,000 hi-resolution camera that can be used to create original content. During the interview Professor Klassner displayed a virtual model of a newly renovated lounge and study area on campus. Charles Walberg responded to his experience in the CAVE by stating, "I'm really blown away by a) how similar it looks to the room I've actually been in before, and then b) I guess, just how real it looks, how lifelike everything is." More...


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Senior Projects

Senior Projects 2014 Data Gurus

We aim to create a web application that utilizes the data on Twitter in order to allow users to stay informed and up-to-date with the most popular and current events taking place around the world. Fundamentally speaking, the application will search and collect data from tweets on Twitter that contain trending hashtags. Since trending hashtags are dependent on physical location, we will allow users to specify which location they are interested in obtaining information about. The web application will then analyze the aggregated tweets and search for any sub-trends or patterns that could provide more insight and information into the current event. For example, a few weeks ago, "#VMAs" was a trending hashtag around the United States. The hashtag "VMAs", which refers to the famous Video Music Awards, does not really provide much information about the award ceremony. The real information lies within the millions of tweets posted during the event about people's favorite performances, their opinions on things that took place at this renowned ceremony and all forms of celebrity gossip. One can manually read through these tweets to learn this information but that would be both tedious and deadly. Not only that, reading tweets manually would not provide a user with an accurate and complete depiction of all of the tweets in circulation. Our web application aims to solve this issue.
Fundamentally, our application reads through the millions of tweets and keeps track of reoccurring words and phrases. Our application only focuses on important nouns and phrases, omitting words such as "the," "is," "they," "he" and "because". The information is also presented in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to read manner. Staying up-to-date and informed has never been easier! All in all, we hope our project proves that Twitter can be used as a more reliable, authentic and quick alternative to mainstream news stations such as CNN and Fox News

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